We hope you enjoy these 400 photographs from 14 games we covered at the 2018 US Open.

USA Ultimate held the US Open Ultimate Tournament with two divisions, adult club teams (ICC) and youth club teams (YCC), in Blaine, Minnesota, August 3-6, 2018.

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Molly Brown vs Showdown (Friday 3 August)Brute Squad vs Scandal (Friday 3 August)Ozone vs Rival  Pool Play (Friday 3 August)Nightlock vs Siege Pool Play (Friday 3 August)Sub Zero vs Johnny Bravo Pool Play (Friday 3 August)U20 Boys Superior 2 vs Swarm  YCC Pool Play (Saturday 4 August)POP vs Black Widows (Saturday 4 August)Semifinal: Revolver vs. Subzero  (Saturday 4 August)U20 Girls Texas Tango vs Minnesota Superior (Sunday 5 August)U20 Boys Superior vs Nashvillians (Sunday 5 August)U20 Girls AERA vs DeVYL (Sunday 5 August)Final PONY vs Subzero (Sunday 5 August)U20 Boys Hydro vs IYU (Monday 6 August)U20 Mixed Forge vs Superior (Monday 6 August)